Upswing is a Salesforce application that has been developed specially to bridge communication gaps between the different disciplines within organisations. This business communication platform allows you to structure your data ow and bring together the expertise and input of Sales and Marketing, while ensuring the consistent integration of your corporate communications strategy. Corporate style, branding elements, and positioning statements are easily integrated into ready to use, adaptable presentations, along with up-to-the- minute product information and company news

Effective Sales Tool

Upswing allows the marketing team to provide and manage effective communication assets for the sales teams using PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, images, videos and websites. The result is not only greater control over assets, but better brand consistency and more complete corporate messaging. Both the usage of these assets as well as feedback from the sales team are monitored and summarized, providing management with key information that may contribute to decisions on asset investment and qual- ity improvement. This in turn ensures that Sales are continually supported with up-to-date assets, for the fast, accurate, and complete creation of presentations for their prospects and clients

Unique functionality

Upswing enables sales team members to compose, edit and organize their sales presentations within their existing Salesforce work ow, as well as of ine, using the most up-to-date sales resources provided and managed by marketing.
The availability of a broad range of assets with the latest information on your company’s entire range
of products and services, together with key corporate information, increases portfolio knowledge, supporting cross-selling opportunities. And because it’s all
online, presentations can be accessed, edited and downloaded anywhere, any time.

Add on functionality

During implementation you might get great ideas, insights or enhancements ideas. Sometimes this leads to additional functionality required, which we can create as custom build software on the Salesforce platform. Fast and accurate!

New business applications

Cloudteam is your one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing apps using the same technology and expertise that makes Salesforce a great success. Using the services included in the App Cloud – Force, Lightning, Heroku, and Thunder – We can build any kind of app for you, and connect it to all your systems, faster than ever.

Rebuilding existing software

Today every company is in the app business. Apps are where your customers meet your brand. Where your employees connect with each other. Where business processes are streamlined, automated, and mobilized across the enterprise. We have rebuild successfully ‘Upswing’ for one of your clients. Having the rebuild application now running on the Salesforce platform provides functionalities and localisation out of the box, therefore making International sales possible!

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