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Bank Standards App (BSA) 

Cuts the time you spend on bank reconciliations by over 80%. 

The goal of BSA?

BSA was built to support and enhance the capabilities of finance teams and ease the process of bank reconciliation. With BSA manual cash entries and matching is made obsolete. Finance teams will be able to upload SEPA bank statement files to Certinia in just one click and use our auto-match functionality to match outstanding invoices and payments. 

Let's take a closer look:

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Additional Features 

  • Same exchange rates in FFA and Salesforce CPQ 

    • BSA auto imports currency exchange rates into both Certinia Accounting Exchange Rates and Salesforce Currencies so that your CPQ is aligned with your financial records from different sources for any currency you need  

  • Payment to IBAN Accounts  

    • BSA enables you to create multiple SEPA Payment files for all major banks, like ABN Amro, ING, Credit Suisse in just one click.  

  • Auto-Matching part and/or multi-invoice payments 

    • BSA can match part payments and match one payment to multiple Sales Invoices 

About BSA

BSA is seamlessly integrated with Certinia Accounting and cuts the time you spend on your daily or weekly bank reconciliations by over 80%.  


BSA auto-matches Sales Invoices to Bank Statement Lines and then automatically creates the corresponding Cash Entries, posts them and matches them to the Sales Invoices.  


You only have to follow a few steps: 

  • Download and upload your Bank Statement in FFA in the rich CAMT053 format 

  • Use Auto Match to match the Bank Statement Line Items to outstanding Sales Invoices 

  • Create, Post and Match the Cash Entries to quickly complete your reconciliation 



Find out how we implemented these solutions with our clients. 


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