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Certinia Billing Central

Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

With large amounts of customers, billing becomes more and more complicated. What's even worse is that without a complete connection between the front and back office, clients and crucial billing information can slip between the cracks causing billing to become inefficient. 

With Certinia Billing Central, businesses are able to keep track of all their customers, all the relevant data and have efficient billing processes. 

Person Checking Data

Centralized billing

With billing central, you can consolidate multiple invoices into one. Billing central also allows you to meet current and future billing and revenue recognition standards. 

At the Office

Optimize financials

With Billing Central, you will be able to automate and streamline your financial processes across the whole organization. 


One record

One customer record allows everyone to manage the customer relationship with the most updated data. Analyze all customer-related data and make informed decisions.  


Accurate forecasting

With real-time data, reports, and tools tailored to your exact business needs, you will be able to apply accurate forecasting. 

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