Open: Consultant roles for FinancialForce Accounting, PSA and Salesforce Sales- en Services Cloud

Not everyone is cut out to be a consultant. In fact, to be blunt, few posses the right blend of knowledge and skills to excel at the profession.

People and companies hire consultants to develop and deliver better solutions more efficiently than they could on their own. Clients buy consulting expertise to help ensure a higher likelihood of success rather than expending internal resources and perhaps never crossing the finish line.

That being said, a good consultant has to bring value to the table –expertise, business savvy along with people and technical ability.

Listening, presentation and communication skills are high on the list along with problem solving. Depending on your area of expertise, you could be a consultant on a specific product (e.g. FinancialForce, ServiceMax) or solution (e.g. SCM, PSA, CRM)

You have ideally expertise in one or more of the following business processes: sales, marketing, service, fulfillment, billing & regulatory.

You will be adaptable to change and thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy challenges.

Please send your cv and a short motivation by completing the webform on the right site of this page

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