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Cloudteam Company clients span across the globe.

With over 122 completed projects in more than 22 countries, our clients come in all shapes and sizes from various industries.


Despite their differences, they all share a clear focus on business growth, commitment to one's customers, and being agile in their respective environments. 


The success of our clients.

We provide clients with the right combination of Salesforce and Certinia applications.  

No matter the industry, we continue to provide our clients with full support in all their daily activities. Through our implementation of Certinia's PSA, ERP and OPI we are able to give clients a 360° view of their whole business. 


"Cloudteam’s knowledge of the products and the quick understanding of Solidaridad’s processes helped us a lot.


The people at Cloudteam Company have a lot in common with the people at Solidaridad – they are all enthusiastic and want to make the world a better place"


- Erna Wegman

We had the opportunity to work with Solidaridad recently. 

Following an interview with Erna Wegman, the head of finance at Solidaridad, we complied a great case study. 


Find out more about our featured client. 

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"... professional and adaptable throughout the process to maintain a healthy relationship through presales, delivery, go-live, support, and ongoing development. Cloudteam Company collaborated with Appway throughout the whole project journey and was instrumental of the project."

- Mark Morris

With Appway we were able help the company attain better visibility of its business and customers with the implementation of FinancialForce.


Click on the link below to read our case study with Appway.


"We have had a good experience and impression of Cloudteam, their consultants, project methodology, delivery, being attentive and supportive. Helping us to think bigger and out of the box."


- Dia Shaker

Our relationships with Foodics started a few years ago, ever since then we have been able to support them with an implementation of FinancialForces financial management solution.


Click below to read all about our case study with Foodics.

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