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Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

With Certinia on the Salesforce platform,  you're able to attain a complete 360 view of your organization and clients. However, with fast changes in many industries it's easy to lose sight of maintaining a clean and complete database. 


With the app on Salesforce, you'll be able to ensure your client data is always up to date and complete. The App verifies, enriches and updates Salesforce data automatically - saving you time and assuring you that you customer data is complete and correct. 

Person Checking Data

Correct Company Information

Automatically verify and enrich customer data based on the right information, and keep it updated.

Image by Luke Chesser

International Company Details

Check and receive international company  information, including DUNS - number, official trade names, address, activity code and
description (SIC), indication of failure and year of incorporation.

At the Office

Fitted and Flexible to your data needs

Choose the module that suits you best: Dutch Business in the Netherlands, global International Business, or the module to boost your Sales.

On the Phone

Real-time Extracts

Retrieve real-time extracts about your customer or
prospect in your own Salesforce environment.


Optimise your sales process

Find look-a-likes of your best customers. Know exactly who you’re doing business with, and easily prepare for customer meetings.


Compliance check & monitoring

Simply check whether the UBO appears on PEP and sanction lists or has been mentioned in the media. And facilitate the monitoring of high-risk customers.


Dutch Company Details 

Enter a company name and the account will automatically be enriched with the company’s data, including Chamber of Commerce registration number, address, sector, number of employees, and legal form.


Lead Generator

Import new B2B leads based on relevant attributes (sector, region, FTEs). Leads will only be imported if they are not already known in your Salesforce environment.

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