Non-profit organizations

Rallying workers, volunteers, and other stakeholders can often be a daunting task. Standard technology that NGO's tend to use usually does not aid this process. NGO's require unique processes and models tailored to their individual needs. Some thrive through digital transformation and innovation, yet others stagnate due to a lack of it. NGO's no longer question whether they should innovate, but rather, what does this innovation look like. 


Non-profits come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that it is especially difficult for you to make use of one generic process. As an NGO you are most likely facing a lot of information, which means keeping track of inputs and outputs is complicated.


We have worked with many NGOs and understand that you are faced with challenges like program management, delivery programs, scaling, and aligning projects across different partners not to mention securing and managing funds. Let's take a closer look at some of these challenges: 

  • There are operational challenges such as project executions and delivering on the promise of your mission. This is driven by a lack of investment in program management tools leading to confusion. 

  • Your growth is stagnating due to limitations in your IT systems not being able to handle new users, locations, projects, and processes. 

  • Alignment between all stakeholders is difficult. Often with both national and international headquarters, you tend to experience inefficient communication and a lack of standardized data reporting. 

  • Many of your go-to processes are done manually, from logging in new projects on excel to helping potential donors filling out donation forms. This is time-consuming and ineffective.


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Keeping the pace

Facing these challenges is a daunting task. But, we are here to help you achieve your mission to change the world for the better. 


With FinancialForce's PSA and FFA implementations, we can allow you to fully automate most manual processes, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important. Not only will you gain back efficiency and productivity but you will be able to empower your team to run entire projects smoothly and effectively.

Accurate reporting

  • Reduce errors between your fundraising teams and finance teams through one platform tracking where all data is reconciled.

  • With FFA you will be able to meet international financial reporting standards and requirements.

  • You will also be able to reconcile revenue that will help build transparent and collaborative processes for the organization.

Increased efficiency

  • Connect, organize and scale your outreach projects to fit each individual cause. 

  • Make use of a single source of truth. Have one database source that the whole team has access to.

  • Customize your data base and track every change automatically from any team.  

  • Tools like built-in reporting and PSA will allow you to streamline your processes and cut down on data entry. 

Financial control 

  • Limit your worry about finances. With PSA and FFA you will be able to leverage a unified view of your supporters, donators and revenue.

  • Create donor-centered experiences and drive fundraising performance.

  • Using a single fundraising platform you will be able to easily capture your income based on each allocated program

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