Making an impact requires deeper investment.

Donors tend to assume that most if not all of their contributions goes towards enriching NGO’s in achieving their mission. Yet, this is not always the case.

Often enough, though not intentional, a large percentage of donations are attributed to enriching shareholders rather than the mission. This is one of the many challenges NGO’s are facing at the moment.


With complex donation processes, many NGO's like the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) have experienced a loss in donation attributions due to paying for operational systems that are anyways siloed. Siloed operations lead to administrative overheads and too much time troubleshooting issues related to donation tracking. However, we know that with operational changes NGO's can start to save more from reduced overheads and attribute more funds towards their mission. 


A clear example of this comes from the challenges the MDA was experiencing. For years MDA experienced financial chaos as they were unable to efficiently track their donations. From the initial payment all the way to attributing the money towards their mission, they often found it difficult to keep track of all payments. It was only when Mike Kennedy, CFO of MDA stepped in that the organization was pushed to find a future-proof and consolidated solution that would allow them to efficiently manage their financials.


It became evident that FinancialForce's ERP and PSA solution would be key to providing a solution to these problems. With these modules in place, all key financial and service processes were moved to one platform. Finally MDA were able to fully experience the benefits of having their front and back-office connected. With a centralized service model, MDA can consolidate their accounts payable, procurement, and accounting groups into one single office. These changes helped MDA save more than $5 million and attribute this to their mission. 


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