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Distribution & Logistics 

Recent global developments have thrust the distribution & logistics industry into a new world.  

When in unchartered territory, businesses in the sector can easily find themselves in frustrated and uncertain of what to do and how to navigate. Though, this is only when the disruption is perceived as an inconvenience rather than a catalyst for growth and opportunity. 

Challenges the industry is facing:


There are standard challenges that everyone in the industry experiences 


Why facing uncertain climates in the industry, companies tend to look for solutions that will allow them to optimize their businesses and solve the immediate problem. Let's take a look at some of the standard challenges those in the industry are facing: 

  • Businesses are experiencing bottlenecks due to ineffective communications between supply chain partners. 

  • Disruption in the transport network due to the current global pandemic or even BREXIT has caused worker shortages, delays in deliveries, and confusion. 

  • Companies are struggling to keep up will all inventory orders due to spread-out locations. 

  • Companies would also have had to introduce new procedures to comply with changing regulations and ensure consumer and employee safety.  

Take action

With so many disruptions in the industry, it's crucial to take action. It's best to know what to prioritize when facing these challenges. These include taking care of employees, optimizing operations and ensuring all resources are set up for future challenges. 


Productivity increase in accounting and billing



Decrease in days to close



Decrease in DSOS

One system 
  • With Certinia you are able to manage multiple channels for (in)tangible goods and services in one place. 

  • Support multiple fulfillment models, including warehouse and drop shipments. 

  • Reduce redundant data entry and complex integration. 

Powerful reporting
  • Track all orders, fulfillment, costs, and profits in one single source. 

  • Monitor all order-fulfillment times. 

  • Track your margins, profits and efficiencies. 

  • Customize reports and dashboards per role.  

Inventory insights
  • Reduce commitment issues with real-time data into inventory. 

  • Know precisely what you have, what can be sold, and what’s on the way

  • Built-in reorder point processes ensure you’re always “in-stock”

  • Plan smarter with upstream visibility.

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