Smart Non-Profit Business

Embed Intelligence Agility and Innovation to Elevate your Impact. 

Benefits for Non-Profits

Increased Productivity

Finance teams can automatically capture project related transactions in the general ledger, while gaining a view into what resources were ordered and in what location.

Cost Saving

By streamlining finance functionalities, many administrative processes that cost time and money can be automated.

Enhanced Transparency

Dashboards and Reporting capabilities add value to stakeholders, the board and funders. They increase transparency into how funds are being allocated and trust in the organisation - which could lead to increased donor funding.

Continuous Regulatory Adherence

Automatically update and implement all regulatory rules and keep up with governmental requirements in less time and less resources.

About Us

With our tailored Non-Profit solution, you can easily manage budgets, repayments, projects and grants strategically to ensure that more resources are pushed to initiatives that matter. 

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With Cloudteam Company and Certinia you can easily track and optimise all the funding and reporting of multiple projects across the globe.