FinancialForce Accounting & Finance 

Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

Running your business' finance and accounting processes through excel sheets is no longer an option. Excel quickly becomes problematic when you add more users, data sources, formulas, and questions – all of which you need to optimize your financial performance. 

With FinancialForce Accounting and Finance solutions, you will be able to build a customer-centric business. All your accounting processes will become efficient leading to pain-free auditing experiences. Read below all the benefits you will attain with this module. 

Customer centricity

Not only will your accounting team be empowered, but all other teams will also gain complete visibility to all customer data leading to better, informed customer relations. 

Informed decisions

With data centralized, you will be able to attain a 360 view of your business. Employees will make better decisions based on context-specific data that is up to date. 

Break barriers

Break departmental boundaries and become more agile. Share all information with the entire organization. With data,  all teams gain confidence in their decisions. 

Increase productivity

With a system that adapts to your unique business needs, you will be able to accelerate your growth. "Related Content Panels" can match your own workflow, data entry, and needs. 

Total access

Accessing all data is no longer an issue. Whether on the way to work or getting a coffee, you will have all data at your fingertips. Dashboards are designed for modern workers. 

New insights

With a centralized data set, new insights can be attained across teams. Moreover, teams can collaborate, learn from each other and become more empowered. 

Better cash flow

With a shared platform, sales and finance teams can ensure that the customer gets billed on time for exactly what they ordered. There are no surprises for the customer or for your team. 

Data protection

Running your business with Salesforce and FinancialForce grants your data protection. Solutions come with center security controls and data privacy certifications. 



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