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Certinia Analytics 

Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

It's certain that over the years, businesses are facing an unprecedented amount of both structured and unstructured data. Spreadsheets and traditional analytics tools are no longer capable of handling such complex data.


With Certinia Analytics, businesses are now able to turn valuable data into insights that drive accurate decisions and actionable goals. By using pre-built dashboards and fined tuned data, business can run operations in a consistent and predictive manner all centered around their customers needs.   

Person Checking Data

Enhanced profitabilty

Pre-built dashboards and datasets across billings, backlog, utiliziation and KPI's will help you enhance resource planning and project profitability. 

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Metrics that matter 

By having instant access to key scorecards and metrics you can quickly assess your business health. Also, get detailed margins by customer and project. 

At the Office

Stay up-to-date

With unmatched visibility of all financials, you will be able to make up to date decisions. Gain certainty in your decisions by comparing forecasts and past data. 

On the Phone

Access anytime

With pre-built dashboards and mobile adaptability, you can always attain all your key business analytics. Make critical decisions anywhere, anytime. 


Smart planning 

Understand all aspects of your resource schedule. Based on planned and potential work, you are able to view future capacity challenges. 


Increase predictability

By leveraging ithe predictive capabilities of the Einstein platform, you will be able to anticipate and monitor your projects perfromance and adjust to your needs. 


Backlog visibility

Build your staffing models with personalized dashboards. Using multiple perspectives by region and customers,you can plan projects accurately. 


Attain adaptability

Using a scenario-based approach, you are able to ensure critical milestones are achieved. Based on real-time data you will be able to adjust quickly and efficiently. 

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