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OPI management

Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

Many B2B businesses are facing challenges in inventory management. Staying up-to-date on all inventory requires top-of-the-line processes that are able to adapt quickly and efficiently to new and large amounts of data. 


With Certinia Order, Procurement & Inventory Management, businesses are now able to adequately deal with inconsistent tracking, inefficient inventory management, inaccurate data, limited visibility, and manual documentation processes. 

Packages on Shelves

Single system

Have all orders and fulfillment options in one single dashboard. Get access to flexible pricing systems, upsell opportunities, and available inventory. 


Accurate restocks

Built-in reorder processes allow you to be sure that you are always "in-stock". Customize processes by warehouse, conditions and ownership. 

Revewing Graphs

Efficient management

With OPI you will be able to support both your physical and virtual inventory. See the value of the inventory of up to five levels. View levels across multiple currencies. 


No mistakes

With RMA and RTV processes you can reverse any action you put in motion. This includes customer and supplier returns which automatically reflect. 


Increased functionality

Transfer large amounts of goods from any location in a flash. Establish serial numbers and lot controls per item. Resulting in the visibility of actual margins. 


Accurate numbers

Manage multiple conditions under a single SKU. With OPI you can keep control and power of your stock and inventory organization instantly. 

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