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Agile at the core

Transforming your business is our success

We are passionate about transforming businesses through agility. This is only achieved when three pillars align: 

  • Developing and applying knowledge of solutions and industries

  • Working in collaboration with clients

  • Believing in our people and work for your success


We are motivated to continuously grow the knowledge we have. 


With over 133 projects completed in multiple countries, we are able to expand our skillset through both experiential learning and continuous training with Salesforce and FinancialForce.  ​


This way, we fine-tune our processes and approaches to ensure best-in-class service. 


By collaborating with our clients at the core and focusing on delivering business value early and often, we are able to achieve a common goal. 

We make use of constant training with all stakeholders. This allows us to deliver solutions to clients in short cycles. Clients expect value delivery at the even of each cycle. 

They also experience continuous support and growth after implementation. 


We are passionate about our people. We motivate each other through continuous learning of Salesforce and Certinia functionalities. 

We try to learn from each other and grow together. This helps us achieve our mission and vision. This energy is brought through when working in collaboration with our clients. 


Why Agile

Flexibility - ease of change built-in

The Salesforce platform, the first Cloud platform for the enterprise, changed the way IT is delivered. Its beginning in 2000, coincided with the move to agile delivery - why was this?


Cloud-based entreprise software made configuration simple, customisation easier and made it possiblef or the first time to get started quickly and evolve rapidly - it removed the barriers to deployment that typically exist in an on-premise model.


At Cloudteam Company we build Agile into our ethos, putting collaboration with our clients at the core and focusing on delivering business value early and often. Implementing agility within our work allows us to work in short sprints and frequently reasses and adapt to the project circumstance. 

What is Agile

The Scrum Framework 

We implement solutions by applying the Scrum framework. Scrum is the most commonly used Agile method and promotes the quick and continuous delivery of high added-value software functionality.


The Scrum allows you to: 

  • Define member roles (the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the development team) 

  • Reiterate time-limited production sprints after increments of functional software is developed

  • Set up artifacts like the product backlog, the sprint backlog, and burndown charts

  • Set up ceremonies like sprint planning, daily scrums, reviews, and retrospectives


It involves self-organizing teams and allows more reactivity in order to adapt to the client’s often changing needs. It also implies the application of Agile principles such as transparency, simplicity, and collaboration. The main focus lies in helping teams be productive in an evolving landscape, particularly when it comes to the rapid delivery of business value.

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