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Better, Faster, Smarter

Working with selected partners allows us to provide clients with a complete offering of Certinia on the Salesforce platform,
with  a 360° view of their whole business.
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XCD's Payroll and & Solution 

Digitally minded solutions for HR automation and efficiency

XCD is a Salesforce ReadyApp partner that provides mid-enterprise companies with a single solution to manage the full employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. The solution easily sits on the Salesforce platform allowing you to keep all your data and processes on one platform. 

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Automatically completed business data on Salesforce

Do you waste a lot of time adding customer data in Salesforce and regularly find that your business data in Salesforce is incomplete, outdated, or has even been duplicated?

The for Salesforce App verifies, enriches, and updates Salesforce data automatically. It saves time and you are assured of correct and complete customer data.

Our solutions
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