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What is 'Payable Invoice Scanning'?

A smart tool to automate your accounts payable processing in FinancialForce and provides visibility and control over your invoive handling process, All from one user interface because it's fully native in Salesforce.


Application process:

1. E-mail box

  • Suppliers can send directly the digital invoices to your AP email address
    Every 10 minutes email box is read by OCR program
  • Setup multiple email addresses by Company or type of Suppliers

2. OCR Encoding

  • The OCR module scans for multiple data: addresses, bank account numbers, VAT number, email, website, etc.
  • Scanned document is attached to the pre-filled Invoice object

3. Validation

  • The Accounts Payable staff checks the returned values and completes missing data
  • Enhanced entry facilities (period close, new expense line default values)

4. Approval Proces

  • Once completed the one-click “Approval and Create Payable Invoice”
  • Define if the Payable Invoice will be automatically posted
  • Approval process will control the “Hold or Release for Payment” status

5. Distribution

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