Payable Invoice Scan App 

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Payable Invoice Scan App (PISA) is a managed package app built on Salesforce platform and integrated with FinancialForce which processes your digital Payable Invoices and posts the booking to your accounting system on FinancialForce.

What is the PISA

Entering supplier invoices have never been easier 

The FinancialForce Add-on allows you to cut hours off of your daily routine. When receiving supplier invoices via email, the invoice will be sent straight to FinancialForce and categorized as a "Payable Invoice" ready for approval and posting. 

Key functions

With the app, several functions become automated: 

  • Payable invoices become auto-created 

  • Approval processes are easily configured 

  • Auto-posting is done after approval 

  • Auto-matching to purchase order is done

With the PISA you will be able to make use of: 


  • Multiple workflows in the company.

  • The process can be monitored by following the different statuses. Every step in the process has a different status. ​

  • Users can see and compare the original invoice and review this with the OCR results. They can make amendments if necessary.​

  • An approval process can be built, using the standard salesforce functionality.​

  • The payable invoices can automatically be posted after approval is completed and can be matched to a purchase order.



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Users of PISA

All of these key industry players have made use of the app 
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