Why HR should Migrate to the Cloud

When it comes to migrating to the cloud, HR is lagging behind other business areas such as finance. But, it shouldn’t have to stay this way. In fact, having XCD's HR & Payroll solutions on the Salesforce platform brings many benefits and enhanced capabilities to your employees.

These capabilities include:

  • The ability to take ownership of their own personal information and have access to self-service tools such as leave booking, timesheets, contracts and more.

  • All of their data is safely secured on the Salesforce platform according to GDPR rules and guidelines. This allows them to be at ease when providing personal information.

  • They experience a decrease in administrative time and increase in efficiency as they no longer need to search for relevant HR data between siloed systems. All information related to their employment will be available on one platform.

  • Teams will be empowered too! With all data such as employee skills, performance and calendars available, project managers will be able to easily plan for new projects and make quicker decisions across the organization.

For these reasons, it only seems logical that you should move now to get your HR & Payroll processes on the Salesforce platform.

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