To who does the statement apply

Cloudteam Company is committed to privacy and data protection. This Privacy Statement describes Cloudteam Company's privacy practices and how we use personal information we collect from:

  • individuals who visit our websites,

  • individuals who use our online enterprise resource planning and related applications and services,

  • individuals who register to attend our events and webinars, and

  • individuals whose data is collected through other means, including, for example, through our data enrichment providers, via social media or social networks, through our visitor management system when they visit our offices, at events and training, through our partners, and through phone calls, and this statement may be relied upon with respect to such methods of data collection and use.

What personal information we collect

Cloudteam Company collects the following personal information from individuals mentioned above:

  • your name, company name, business address, business phone number, job title, business email address, location, and events and activities you might be interested in;

  • if we telephone you or you telephone us, we may collect information you choose to share with us by telephone;

  • if you purchase services or register for a paid event or training, we may collect financial qualification and billing information, such as billing contact name and address (including email address) and/or credit card number;

  • if you email us or contact us via a messaging service, website form, social media or a social network, we will keep your message and collect your email address, user name/ID, and contact information;

  • when you use our Websites as a Visitor, we may use cookies and other website navigational tools to collect information such as the date and time of your access, your web browser (such as browser type and browser language), your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and the actions you take on the Websites (such as the web pages viewed and the links clicked). 

  • where you or your company has purchased Services from us and you are designated as a contact, we may collect information including your name, company name, business address, business phone number, job title, business email address and information concerning events and activities you might be interested in; and

  • If you apply for a job at Cloudteam Company, we will collect personal information from you, subject to the application


We also collect information about you from other sources, including third parties from whom we have purchased personal information, and we combine this information with personal information provided by you.


This helps us to update, expand and analyze our records, identify new Customers and create more tailored advertising to provide services that may be of interest to you.


In particular, we collect personal information from third party providers of business contact information, including mailing addresses, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, intent data (or user behavior data), IP addresses, social media profiles, LinkedIn URLs and custom profiles, for purposes of targeted advertising, and delivering relevant email content and event promotion.


Privacy Policy 

Protecting your data

Cloudteam Company is committed to complying with privacy and data protection laws in the countries in which it operates. Nothing is more important than the success of our customers and the protection of our customers’ data.

In conjunction with FinancialForce we comply with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States. For more information see below. 


If you have any questions about privacy or our Privacy Statement please direct them to