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SaaS companies are finding themselves unequipped to face customer demand. Lack of team optimization and low forecast confidence causes a lower customer retention rate. With processes still separated, SaaS companies will fall victim to inefficient communication and continue to experience challenges. 


To many, the SaaS model presents opportunities and growth but with it comes challenges that have to be addressed. But we have good news because many in the industry are experiencing these challenges you will be able to gain a competitive advantage if you tackle the issues sooner rather than later.

Not only are you faced with large competition in the industry, but customers that demand more as well. It is crucial in the industry to attain a 360 view of your customer otherwise you will easily fall behind. Let's take a closer look at other industry challenges:


  • Manual finance operations no longer make the cut. 

  • Limited ability in attaining 360 customer views due to separated systems. 

  • A limited number of SaaS specialized services.

  • Complex billing solutions give you a continuous headache. 


Productivity increase in accounting and billing

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Decrease in days to close



Decrease in DSOS

Keeping the pace

Through the implementation of the full FinancialForce solutions, you will be able to attain accurate data that is continuously updated and within a centralized repository.


Achieve a single source of truth by managing your back office and front office in one integrated approach. This will allow you to automate your processes to effectively manage your projects. Now you are able to gain unprecedented visibility across your whole business.

Limit reporting errors 

  • Replace spreadsheets and automate your processes allowing you to grow faster 

  • Make faster, smarter decisions with real time analytics across sales, finance, services and more to identify new trends. 

  • Predictive analytics allows you to guide your actions and transform your business. 

Speed to Market 

  • Deliver new service-based offerings or service-product blends. 

  • Experience seamless, personalized billing and payment solutions. 

  • Rapidly launch new revenue streams and take new offers to market. 

  • Turn your back office from bottleneck into agile growth engine. 

Single source of truth

  • No matter the type of contract, all sources of revenue is accommodated. 

  • Easily identify the best opportunities and respond quickly to market changes.

  • Connect front to back office allowing you to seamlessly handoff from opportunity to renewal and manage the entire customer lifecycle on one system.

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