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Services provided

CloudTeam is a full service company. Ranging from cloud strategy, implementation to software development. But all based on Salesforce solutions and it's underlying Force.com platform

We offer this unique set of service because implementing without a strategy is less durable and implementing without technical capabilities leaves out quick deployment and adjustments.

Our projects are set up in a agile/scrum way of working. You as the customer are in the Product Owner role, making decisions and priotizations calls on what functionalities should be delivered in which sprint. Delivering the highest values for business first.

Implementation Services

As a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, we’re focused on delivering innovative solutions utilising Salesforce solutions and the Force.com platform. By blending extensive platform knowledge with relevant industry experience, we complete Salesforce implementations that help organizations of all sizes derive insight and intelligence from their data and technology investments.

Consultancy Services

Put your cloud program on the path to success from the very beginning with Cloud Team’s Consultancy Services. Our comprehensive services ensure that you have an experienced partner to guide your business through each stage of your cloud transformation program.

App development services

With App Cloud, featuring Force.com, we can create productivity-driving enterprise mobile applications for your company and employees with drag-and-drop-point-and-click ease. We are able to make branded mobile apps for your business in just minutes. Even integrate your custom apps with any back-end system or database, like ERP. Force.com and App Cloud put your company just minutes away from powerful, custom built employee apps.