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Building apps on Force.com

You might have outdated software which can rebuild successfully on the Force.com platform. You might also have a great feature in mind which can fit perfectly in your current running Salesforce envirnoment. Or during implementation we get a client request  for a custom build feature. We can deliver with our onsite IT architectural knowledge and  our programming capabilities in Bulgaria and Belarus (near shoring)


Quick app building

With App Cloud, featuring Force.com, we can create productivity-driving enterprise mobile applications for your company and employees with drag-and-drop-point-and-click ease. We are able to make branded mobile apps for your business in just minutes. Even integrate your custom apps with any back-end system or database, like ERP. Force.com and App Cloud put your company just minutes away from powerful, custom built employee apps.

AppExchange: Force.com Application Sharing

A marketplace that connects Force.com commercial application developers with potential users, the AppExchange is the capstone of the Force.com platform. Those customers or ISVs who want to share their applications with others can publish them on the AppExchange. Those who want to use those applications can install them instantly into their Salesforce accounts. To date, more than 700 applications have been made available via the AppExchange.


User Interface as a Service: Visualforce

Force.com provides two options for creating and customizing the user interface of applications built on the platform. Through the online setup area, a simple drag-and-drop interface makes it possible to change the layout and the order of data fields on pages, to rename and re-order tabs, and to create different views of the data for different users.

For more complete user interface control, Force.com includes Visualforce, a complete framework for creating and running virtually any user interface, for any application, on any device. With Visualforce, developers can extend an on-demand application’s boundaries in almost any direction by using traditional Web development technologies in conjunction with rest of the Force.com capabilities, to exercise pixel-level control over the application’s appearance and behavior.