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What is 'Upswing'?

The Upswing concept has its origin in insights gathered by Centagon over more than two decades. Centagon’s services have always specialized in supporting the Marketing Communications departments of multinationals (B2B). Cloud Team helped Centagon in building the sustainable 'Upswing' app on Force.com platform which makes it for current Salesforce clients easy to acquire..simply add this functionality as part of the Salesforce menu


Connecting Marketing & Sales

Although almost every project starts with a strategic communication objective and a conceptual process, the end result consists mainly of tangible communication tools. Examples include web applications, (PowerPoint) presentations, printed materials (PDFs) and video productions. After these assets have been delivered, however, it is far from evident that everyone working within an organization has access to them. This is only logical as employees in multinational companies are often spread over many locations around the world, which can be in different time zones.

The result? A huge challenge for ‘Marketing’: Will the carefully thought-out corporate strategy be passed on consistently by ‘Sales’? Are all presentations composed in a way that does justice to the intended external communication goal? Are all the necessary elements covered?

Upswing facilitates collaboration between Marketing and Sales within your existing sales processes. It supports the development, management, maintenance and measurement of the effectiveness of presentation materials and is fully integrated within the Salesforce platform.

Return on Investment

External studies have shown that, in many organizations, the streamlining of processes by Upswing has succeeded in removing a substantial hidden, but directly measurable cost. This is the time invested, again and again, on gathering internal information before a presentation as well as checking and updating its content.

Even more indirect costs are incurred in the form of income lost because external communication does not occur as Management envisaged it and Marketing communicated it. A very concrete example is incomplete ‘cross-selling’ where a sales rep only draws attention to a small part of the total product and service package during a presentation – a missed chance.

The investment in implementing Upswing is only a fraction of the savings resulting from higher internal efficiency and the enhanced quality of external communications.


Digital Assets for Sales departments

Traditionally, ‘Marketing’ develops communication tools and makes them available to the organization, providing them to ‘Sales’, for example, to facilitate the sales process. It can be difficult, or even impossible, to account for the costs invested in an asset, although these are extremely relevant for subsequent management decisions with regard to budget.

If significant costs go into the development of a corporate video which is only shown occasionally, it is usually seen as a bad investment. If, by contrast, the video is frequently shown and appreciated, the marketing budget may be prolonged or even increased.

The analyses offered by Upswing provide many insights, including measurement of the frequency with which an asset is used in a presentation. A qualitative measurement can even be derived from internal communication about an asset (with a ‘like’ functionality).

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