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XCD's Payroll & HR Solution

Processes that are better, faster, smarter. 

Certinia's ERP solutions already allow you to increase productivity and find new ways to cut and control costs. But, it's crucial to remember that your people are your most valuable asset.

With an XCD Limited integrated HR solution on the Salesforce platform, organizations will be able to engage with their talent, invest in their development and drive both personal and organizational growth. Having all data on the same platform allows the finance team and HR team to determine how they can improve profitability through human capital, by estimating salary increments, bonuses, and the profitability of employee development programs.


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Easy Implementation 

XCD consultants are specialists in advising on the streamlining and redesign of HR & Payroll processes, and their modular design means that your implementation can be tailored to your specific organisational needs.

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Trusted & Secure

Running XCD on Salesforce brings management of that data under the platform’s stringent information security. XCD comes with automated GDPR reminders as standard


At the Office

Single Database 

XCD is a Salesforce Ready App partner which means that it is on the Salesforce platform. This removes risks and wasted time associated with multiple systems.



On the Phone

Configurable & Scalable 

XCD's HR & Payroll Solution allows you to easily configure your system according to your specific resources needs. XCD will guide you allow the way to establish easy-to-use end solutions.


Leverage Existing Skills 

With the HR & Payroll solution, you'll be able to leverage the skills and knowledge of your workforce through learning programs tracking, managing enrollments and training and centralizing all information on one system. 


Lightening UI Reporting & Dashboards 

Executives and managers can access key strategic workforce reports and dashboards in the familiar Salesforce Lightning format, driving faster reporting and more efficient workforce strategy decisions.


Customer Community Portal 

XCD users are actively encouraged to feed ideas and suggestions into their  extensive product development roadmap.


Highly Customisable profiles & Permission Sets 

Each employee can customize their own employee profiles with the XCD solution allowing them to take control of their own data and employeement. 

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