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Grow with real-time data. 

Cloudteam Company helps you get a 360° view of your business

Unify your business through a Single Cloud Strategy

A business based on Salesforce and FinancialForce will gain increased visibility, accurate reporting, compliance, and strategic insight. With a single master data record spanning sales, services, and finance you can run your business better, faster and smarter. 

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"Cloudteam’s knowledge of the products and the quick understanding of Solidaridad’s processes helped us a lot. The people at Cloudteam Company have a lot in common with the people at Solidaridad – they are all enthusiastic and want to make the world a better place."


   Erna Wegman


Run your whole business on Salesforce from marketing and sales to finance and beyond


Work more efficiently with a 360º view of all aspects of your business


Quickly roll out new capabilities as your business needs to evolve

Make faster, smarter decisions

Get access to powerful, actionable analytics at a fraction of the cost and effort. 

Support any and all revenue streams

Rapidly translate demand into new revenue streams and market differentiation. 

Connect the front and back office

Forcast accurately, bill faster, and reduce total cost of ownership with everything on one system.

Leverage the #1 business cloud

Confidently invest in a proven, global platform that will scale with your business.

Best in class service automation

Optimize your services contribution to overall business performance.  


For the second year in a row,
we've been FinancialForces' EMEA Partner of the year!

Cloudteam Company specializes in providing Salesforce and FinancialForce consulting services, delivering single-cloud ERP solutions for fast-growing businesses. For the past 5 years, Cloudteam has delivered cloud solutions throughout Europe, helping our customers to run their businesses Better, Faster, Smarter.

Data at your fingertips. 

A growing business makes countless decisions each day 

Decisions need data. From evaluating what project, product or service was the most profitable to how well sales are doing across the board. 

Whatever course of action, the data needs to be readily available. 

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One source of truth

Combine all internal processes on one single platform

Cloudteam Company combines the world's number one CRM, Salesforce, with FinancialForce. Not only is FinancialForce native to Salesforce, but it also gives you one source of truth. With both handling all your business processes, you will be able to obtain a 360° view of your business, in real-time, all the time  

Why us? 

We are experts in the field

Not only are we experts, but we have also won FinancialForces EMEA partner of the year for a second time in a row.

All projects at Cloudteam Company start with a Fast Start that delivers business value early, we then develop a plan with you to support your growth.


We do that all day every day and have won awards for it. Enterprise software without the big bang and without the big bucks.


Growing a business is hard enough, but without access to real-time or accurate data you end up making poor decisions and often too late.


We know the challenges; multiple spreadsheets in different formats, international subsidiaries with reporting in different currencies,  last minute adjustments and issues before the Board meeting, lack of real-time views of your sales and profits by product line, by sales team, limited real-time balance sheet details, nightmare month-ends. This is no way to grow a business.

Cloud computing has revolutionised IT for growth companies.


Within the space of a few years, enterprise systems became available to growing companies, they could gain efficiencies that were previously the preserve of the global giants as a result of per user pricing, easy configurability and access for all from a desktop. With Salesforce and Financialforce we bring together your front office and back office and give one view of your business, in real-time.

Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on growing their business, not on the technology. To give you and your team real-time information across your business for better, faster, smarter decision making. 

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