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We have founded the company in 2014 with a special focus on the implementation of SalesForce and FinancialForce. In addition we create custom software on the platform. We therefore offer the unique blend of technical and business consultancy, to help making a success of every implementation!

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Support service

Support doesn’t have to end when your project is complete. We provide supplementary support services on any scale to keep your business running smoothly and your applications at peak performance.

App development services

With App Cloud, featuring, we can create productivity-driving enterprise mobile applications for your company and employees with drag-and-drop-point-and-click ease.

Consultancy services

Put your cloud program on the path to success from the very beginning with Cloudteam’s Consultancy Services. Our comprehensive services ensure that you have an experienced partner to guide your business through each stage of your cloud transformation program.

Implementation service

By blending extensive platform knowledge with relevant industry experience, we complete Salesforce implementations that help organizations of all sizes derive insight and intelligence from their data and technology investments.

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We are looking for driven, ambitious, goal orientated professionals who want to work hard and succeed.

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Centagon wanted to have Upswing transformed into a Cloud based application on the platform, to meet customer demands wanting seamless integrations.

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FCR Media Belgium needed to transform its IT architecture landscape in order to reduce the number of inefficient interfaces and provide easy access to financial customer information.

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FCR Media

I3 Groep needed a new system to manage their projects and to log their timecards, integrated with Salesforce to track the full profitability of opportunities.

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I3 Groep