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Rallying workers, volunteers and other stakeholders is often a daunting task – which usually isnt aided by existing technology used by NGO’s. In fact, NGO’s require unique processes and models tailored to their individual needs. The question for NGO’s today is not, whether they should innovate but rather how to innovate and what does that look like.

Doing more with less

With Certinia on the Salesforce platform, key processes such as financial, supply chain and project management can be automated. This helps NGOs to operate more efficiently, reduce administrative costs and allocate sufficient resources to more mission driven activities.

Limited Resources

NGO’s often face significant challenges due to limited resources. Whether its limited funding or lack of staffing, the impact is instantly felt when trying to achieve their mission effectively.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

With Certinia Accounting, NGOs can automate financial and operational reporting. Using flexible reporting capabilities, customized reports based on specific criteria such as donor history, audits, regulatory requirements and financial performance can be tailored to specific audiences.

Reporting & Compliance issues

NGOs need to comply with multiple international regulations, reporting requirements. Having siloed data makes it almost impossible to generate reports for donors, government agencies and other stakeholders.

Staying on top of Finances

By using Certinia Accounting and Analytics, NGOs are able to have a centalized view of all financial data such as budgeting, accounting and reporting. Teams can enjoy real-time insights into financial performance including budget variance, revenue and expenses. This helps NGOs to make data-driven decisions, optimize resources and improve financial planning and forecasting.

Insufficient Finance Management

Without a centralized financial management system, NGOS struggle to maintain accurate and transparent financial records. This makes it difficult to track expenses, monitor cash flow and identify potential or misuse of funds.

Managing Projects Efficiently

With Certinia PSA, NGOS can make use of a centralised platform for managing resources, including personnel. equipment and materials. This helps NGOs to optimize resource allocation, improve project planning and reduce costs

Complex Project Management

Working on complex projects with multiple stakeholders, timelines and budgets often mean that NGOs struggle to ensure all project data is recorded, budgets are met and that projects are completed on time with the right amount of required resources.

Our Solution Landscape

CRM Platform
Consolidate all data on the Salesforce platform making it easier to manage and analyze all information related to your projects.
Fundraising & Grant Management
Manage grant allocation to projects, receive grant instalments and pay disbursement, capture reporting requirements and deadlines.
Project Management
Keep track of project budgets and activities. Monitor KPIs and manage risks and issues. Attain full visibility into project performance.
Staff Management
Manage staff capacity and allocations to projects. Register time to projects and keep track of actual staff costs on projects. Easily reimburse staff for any expenses that have occured during the project.
Project Accounting
Managing financial process becomes easier when accounting and reporting is done on the Salesforce platform. Manage the P&L per project and attain an overview of actual expenses on projectes. This helps improve financial transparency and accountability, leading to increased donor trust and support.
Manage multi-currency and multi-company transactions. Manage multiple local chart of accounts and tax codes. With an ERP solution on Salesforce, teams can easily export and import key functionalities.
Analytics & Reporting
With customized dashboards, NGOs can monitor kep performance indicators and metrics by combining project and financial reporting. With a detailed global view, automatic actionable insights, alerts and metrics, progress towards mission goals are easily tracked.



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Improved ability to achieve mission


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