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Those in the SaaS industry have revolutionized the way businesses and individuals access and use software, offering a wide range of benefits such as increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, as the market continues to expand, many find themselve unequipt to face large demand from customers. It now becomes crucial to consider undergoing a digital transformation to keep up with changing trends in the market.

Streamlining Billing & Pricing Scenarios

Easily manage complex pricing scenarios by automating the creation and management of pricing tiers and packages. Based on the tiers, billing processes are automated enabling invoices to be generated automatically. This can improve customer satisfaction and reduce internal workload related to billing and invoicing.

Complex billing & pricing scenarios

SaaS companies tend to offer complex pricing scenarios that require a system that is able to adopt and can handle different pricing models, such as subscriptionbased pricing, usage based pricing and tiered pricing. However, more often than not the more complex the scenario the more difficult it becomes to manage and administer a billing system.

Automating Revenue Recognition

With an ERP solution, teams are able to automate the entire revenue recognition process. This is done by automating subscription renewals, invoices and billing. Teams then obtain real-time visibility into contract statuses and can ensure an accurate revenue recognition process based on the terms of the contract.

Using Manual Processes for Revenue Recognition

Due to the nature of SaaS businesses, teams often struggle with subscription-based pricing models. Without an ERP solution, individuals are left to manage contracts and renewals manually often resulting in revenue recognition errors.

Increasing Business Transparency

With an ERP solution, complex billing processes can be automated, reducing errors and making it easier to manage complex billing scenarios. This helps improve transparency by providing real-time visibility into pricing structures, patterns and customer billing data.

Lack of Sufficient Business Transparency

By having complex business models involving multiple revenue streams, pricing tiers and usage billing models, it often becomes complicated to provide clear and transparent pricing and billing information to customers.

Enhanced Financial Management

Having an ERP and CRM solution enables businesses to integrate financial and customer data all on one platform. This provides a comprehensive view of customer behaviour and financial performance. Making it easier for finance teams to identify trends and insights leading to effective financial management.

Lack of Adequate Financial Management

With rapid growth and complex pricing models involving multiple tiers it quickly becomes challenging to accurately forecast revenue and manage cash flows. This is especially true when teams are forced to conduct key financial management processes like invoicing and billing manually.

Our Solution Landscape

CRM Platform
Consolidate all data on the Salesforce platform making it easier to manage and analyze all information related to your projects.
Automate and streamline marketing campaigns, while also providing sales teams with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
Track and manage leads throughout the entire sales funnel, from initial contact to close. Helping sales stay organized and ensuring that no potential leads fall through the cracks.
Financial, Accounting & Analytics
With a centralized platform for managing financial operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting - teams can streamline their financial processes and improve efficiency. In addition, teams can tap into powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing firms to gain insights into their business performance, financial health, and profitability.
Project & Resource Management
Manage resources more effectively, by obtaining a real-time view of resource availability and utilization. This allows teams to optimize resource allocations and ensure that the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time.
Subscription & Billing
Make use of tools for managing subscriptions, including subscription creation, modification, and cancellation. This can help businesses automate the subscription management process and improve efficiency. In addition a billing solution provides tools for managing billing processes, including billing creation, invoicing, and payment processing. This can help businesses streamline billing processes and improve cash flow.
Supply Chain Management
SCM solutions provide tools for managing the order process, including order entry, fulfillment, and delivery. This can help businesses streamline the order process and improve customer satisfaction..
Customer Success
With Salesforce Customer Success module. teams can make use of tools for managing customer interactions, tracking customer issues and requests, and proactively addressing customer needs.



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Growing a business is hard enough, but without access to real-time or accurate data you end up making poor decisions and often too late.

Streamlining pricing structures

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