Accounting Seed

Connect finance across your entire business with the #1 accounting solution on Salesforce.

What is Accounting Seed?

Accounting Seed is a flexible accounting solution built natively on Salesforce that provides one source of datainforming business decisions and driving growth and efficiency. 

The Goal Of Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed connects finance across your entire business from sales opportunity to billing to revenue in one place for complete visibility of performance.  

The benefits of Accounting Seed

With Accounting Seed, businesses breakdown organization silos, increase collaboration, and eliminate manual processing of data—all on Salesforce.  

Find out more about Accounting Seed

At Accounting Seed, we empower our customers with access to accurate and timely financial data to make better business decisions resulting in greater profitability. As the #1 accounting software built on Salesforce, Accounting Seed connects your entire business from sales to operations to finance within a single platform. Learn more at