Professional Services Automation

Automate and simplify the business's financial operations.

Run a more predictable and efficient business with confidence and exceed customer expectations.

With Certinia Professional Services Automation, teams can leverage the predictive capabilities of CRM analytics to monitor and anticipate project performance, project planning and build multiple staffing models based on multiple customer perspectives.

Backlog Visibility

Smart Capacity Planning

Predictive Management

With PSA project managers are able to understand all aspects of a businesses resources schedule from the moment an opportunity closes – including project time, PTO, non-billable time and backlog.

Managers can leverage the predictive capabilities of PSA to monitor and anticipate a projects performance based on real-time Burnup views and resource availability.

Increased visibility into resources enables managers to easily schedule the right resource onto the right projects at the right time.

Run A Predictive Business Today.​

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