Billing Central​

View all account information, make payments, track activities & balances on Salesforce.

Manage customer relationships and billing processes in one closed loop process.

With Certinia Billing Central businesses can manage the most complex customer relationships in one closed loop process. Create a single source of truth, improve accuracy and boost efficiency across the entire customer billing lifecycle.

Flexible Pricing Structures
Automate Billing Operations
Full Visibility from Opportunity to Renewal

Analyze customer data at any stage, make informed decisions and take actions that have impact.

With an instant connection to Salesforce, businesses can unify billing, revenue recognition and accounting operations enterprise wide allowing teams to have a unified view on all data.

One unified system enables businesses to gain powerful real-time insights and analytics when needed. With comprehensive reports and dashboards, teams can drill down to see all customer interactions and transactions.

Find out how to ensure compliance standards are met.

Download The Billing Central Datasheet To Discover The Benefits Of This Module.​

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