Helping Clients Digitally Transform

No matter the industry, we continue to provide our clients with an end-to-end digital transformation journey.

Throughout this process we tailor solutions based on each customers specific needs with the goal of providing them with a complete 360 degree view of their entire organisation.

Reducing Costs and Increasing ROI for SaaS Customers

i3 Groep

Chasing Revenue Systems

  • ​I3 Groep required an integration with Salesforce that would enable them to manage projects and log timecards efficiently and track the full profitability of opportunities.

Key requirements included

  • One tool to log all time on a project and manage projects.
  • A complete overview of absences, overtime, and project planning to aid in resource allocation.
  • A fast implementation as subscription to third party services were expiring.

Based on these requirements, Certinia PSA was implemented.

Attaining a 360 View

Thanks to Certinia PSA, i3 Group now have full insight into all opportunities and associated projects with the ability to compare estimated revenue to actual revenue instantly.

Finally, by using PSA for all project planning, time writing and expense management, i3 Groep has a clear view on real-time budget information and is able to identify issues and correct them before going overbudget.


Facing limitations in every day work processes

Struggling with its current cloud-based accounting system, Foodics wanted to switch to a native Salesforce solution. Foodics needed a system that would manage all subscriptions, customizations, and automated renewals of their products.

Key requirements included

  • A solution that is native to Salesforce
  • The ability to manage complex subscription models

Based on these requirements, it was clear Certinia’s Accounting and Subscription Billing solutions were needed.

Adapting Certinia within Salesforce.

Native to Salesforce, Foodics is now able to manage subscriptions and customer data on a single platform. Reducing manual effort and improving data accuracy. Foodics is also able to tap into flexible billing options for customers both improving their experience and reducing potential customer churn.

Having a flexible billing option also allowed Foodics to increase revenue by tapping into key insights of customer behaviours. 


Lacking visibility into everyday processes

With a need to standardize contract creation and accounting processes, Appway had the desire to move to a different, more robust ERP solution.

Key requirements included

  • Automate billing and revenue recognition across software and services revenue streams.
  • Ensure that all revenue streams automatically comply with IFRS standards.
  • Replace existing ERP solution and spreadsheets with a single platform solution incorporating the appropriate Certinia modules based on specific business needs


The solution was straightforward. Cloudteam Company implemented both Certinia ERP and PSA solutions.

Starting fresh with a new system

With Certinia ERP and PSA natively connected to Salesforce CRM, Appway can automated their entire end-to-end processes to manage purchase orders, ensure consistency across all contracts and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Enabling Modern Digital NGOs


A Truly Global Challenge

As Solidaridad started to grow it became difficult to take meaningful strides towards their vision of creating fair and sustainable supply chains.Managing internal systems was challenging as employees spread across the globe had to manually wrangle data from 30 disconnected accounting systems resulting in inefficiencies.

With solid accounting systems, it was extremely time-consuming for global teams and project managers to track expenses that were related to each project and they struggled to accurately report-out results. A consolidated solution with future-proof architecture was needed.

Key requirements included

  • A unified system that would provide the necessary functionality to manage financials, donations, programs, grants, reporting and other critical functions.
  • Scalability was important as Solidaridad expands its operations and increases the number of countries where programs and services are run.
  • The ERP system had to provide adequate security measures to protect sensitive information about donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.


Through a solution assessment, it was suggested that Solidaridad adopt Certinia’s’ Accounting (CA) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) module which would replace the 30 existing legacy solutions they were using.

Becoming a Modern Digital NGO

CA was initially rolled out for 3 completely different regions across the globe, with the intention that the pilot regions would serve as ambassadors to support future regions in the implementation phase. With all local accounting requirements met, finance teams can now capture transactions automatically in their general ledgers, improve their data quality and methodologies and monitor financial progress overtime with granular data.

Going forward, Solidaridad plans to use Certinia’s Professional Services and Automation (PSA) solution to capture project data and enable everyone throughout the organisation to find financial and project data whenever they need it.