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As physical boundaries become a thing of the past, professional services firms find themselves in an increasingly competitive market filled with consultants and independent contractors. It’s no secret that the industry is at a pivotal moment of change and professional services firms need to consider undergoing a digital transformation.

Automated Resource Management

By using Certinia PSA, managers gain real-time visibility into resource availability. Management is then able to make data-driven decisions by matching availability and skill set with project requirements. Moreover, manual processes are instantly automated allowing project managers and resources to focus on meeting requirements and deadlines rather than manual tasks.

Insufficient Resource Management

Professional Services firms often struggle with either under-utilization or over-utilisation of resources. Without a clear overview of resource capacity and existing projects, firms risk a loss in productivity, revenue or even missing crucial deadlines.

Assurance When Meeting All Requirements

With Certinia ERP solution, all compliance and risk management problems can be avoided. This solution automatically monitors regulatory changes and tracks compliance obligations. In addition, financial metrics such as cash flow, accounts receivable and revenue recognition are continuously monitored to identify potential risks and take corrective actions

Lack of Compliance & Risk Management

Compliance and risk management is critical for professional services firms. Firms must comply with a range a regulations including data privacy, anti-money laundering and professional ethics. Without the right tools and checks in place, keeping up with regulatory changes and requirements can be challenging.

Streamlined Project Management Processes

With Certinia PSA, managers are provided with a centralized platform where they have access to all project related data. Managers are able to create detailed project plans and schedules, use advanced forecasting and analytics tools to predict project outcomes and adjust accordingly. With real-time project updates, teams are able to build trust and be transparent with clients and stakeholders

Complex Project Management Processes

As businesses grow internationally, projects become more complex. Frequently managers find themselves lacking complete project visibility. With this lack of visibility comes inaccurate resource allocations, limited forecasting capabilities and even budget inaccuracies leading to cost overruns which impact profitability and client relations.

Automated Resource Management

Using an ERP solution enables project and finance managers to automate time and expense tracking. This reduced billing errors and ensures accurate financial reporting. Furthermore, real-time insights into financial and cash flow data enables teams to identify potential issues and take corrective, data-driven financial decisions.

Lack of Adequate Financial Management

Common problems managers tend to experience when managing project finances include inaccurate time and expense tracking which often result in billing errors, over or undercharging clients and inaccurate financial reporting. In some instances, finance teams have inefficient invoicing and collection processes which lead to delayed payments and cash flow problems.

Our Solution Landscape

CRM Platform
Consolidate all data on the Salesforce platform making it easier to manage and analyze all information related to your projects.
Automate and streamline marketing campaigns, while also providing sales teams with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
Track and manage leads throughout the entire sales funnel, from initial contact to close. Helping sales stay organized and ensuring that no potential leads fall through the cracks.
Financial, Accounting & Analytics
With a centralized platform for managing financial operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting - teams can streamline their financial processes and improve efficiency. In addition, teams can tap into powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing firms to gain insights into their business performance, financial health, and profitability.
Project & Resource Management
Manage resources more effectively, by obtaining a real-time view of resource availability and utilization. This allows teams to optimize resource allocations and ensure that the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time.
Subscription & Billing
Make use of tools for managing subscriptions, including subscription creation, modification, and cancellation. This can help businesses automate the subscription management process and improve efficiency. In addition a billing solution provides tools for managing billing processes, including billing creation, invoicing, and payment processing. This can help businesses streamline billing processes and improve cash flow.
Supply Chain Management
SCM solutions provide tools for managing the order process, including order entry, fulfillment, and delivery. This can help businesses streamline the order process and improve customer satisfaction..
Customer Success
With Salesforce Customer Success module teams can make use of tools for managing customer interactions, tracking customer issues and requests, and proactively addressing customer needs.



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