Sales Cloud

Manage the entire sales process from leads to closing on Salesforce.

Improve the sales pipeline by providing teams with a complete view of the sales process. 

With Sales Cloud, representatives increase productivity by using a range of features including lead to opportunity management, contact management and task automation. Having a collaborative platform ensures that everyone is on the same page and works towards the same goal.

Accelerate Closing Deals

Maximize Customer Touch Points

Increase Productivity

With instant and up-to-date insights sales teams can easily track leads, opportunities and deals at every stage of the sales cycle.

Enable sales teams to make smarter decisions with lead management technology. Using automatic lead scoring and routing processes, teams can ensure that leads never get lost and that the right sales reps follow up when the lead is hot.

Get a real-time view of an entire team’s forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments, and override visibility up and down the management hierarchy.

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