Navigating the AI Revolution: Preparing Your Data for Transformation

As the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution continues to gain momentum, it’s crucial for organisations to prepare their internal data to leverage the full potential of AI technologies. In this article we provide 10 crucial steps organisations can take to ensure that their data is AI ready. Step 1: Educate Yourself and Your Team Dive into […]

Fortifying your Data: Embracing Robust Data Security

In the digital era, data is undeniably fuelling innovation and driving business growth. However, with this invaluable asset comes the critical need for robust data security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensure regulatory compliance and foster customer trust. It’s clear that businesses must proactively build their digital defences and recognise that effective data security is […]

Salesforce is making us “Ask More of AI”

If Salesforce and Matthew McConaughey is making us “Ask More of AI” then its time to start asking some questions. With any disruptive technology, its adoption necessitates a strategic and responsible approach. This approach should balance growth with the imperative of maintaining trust, privacy and ethical standards. So before we start exploring the AI landscape […]

The Rise of Data Security and Privacy

In the age of Big Data, organisations are generating, collecting and storing vast amounts of information every second, ranging from highly sensitive data to less sensitive data. At the same time, organisations are adopting cloud services that enable them to achieve greater workforce agility. Thus the traditional security network perimeter is rapidly disappearing and security […]