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Our events aim to bring together industry leaders and experts from across sectors to spark meaningful conversations around the Cloud CRM & ERP space.

Revolutionising Customer Experience: The Game Changing Impact of AI

The pace of change in the world of Gen AI and CRM is quick. Organisations that don't respond in time may be left behind. Avoid this by joining us at our event in partnership with Squirro to learn how your business can stay ahead of the curve and enhance customer experience.

18TH OCTOBER | 15:00 - 17:00 CET | 41 REDUITLAAN, 4814 DC, BREDA

Previous Events

Unlock a world of knowledge and strategic insights by experiencing our past events. Our curated collection offers a front-row seat to the invaluable conversations, thought-provoking panels and game-changing presentations that have defined.

Discover how newcomers from conflict areas are given the opportunity to restart their career within the Salesforce Ecosystem in the Netherlands.

Dive into the work that Blue Road Academy is doing in helping newcomers restart their careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. Find out how you can partner with Blue Road Academy in their mission to create a more diverse, inclusive, and integrated community of technical professionals.

Combating the Great Resignation: Using Data-Driven Decisions

Together with HR & Payroll Specialists XCD Limited, we'll dive into hiring & retention strategies to not only understand why employees turnover, but to provide businesses with the tools to Combat the Great Resignation.

Creating a Data-Driven NGO: Best Practices from Nonprofit Leaders.

With us will be our keynote speaker Michael J. Kennedy, EVP & CFO of the Muscular Dystrophy Association who will be sharing their groundbreaking digital transformation journey that has enabled MDA to weather the economic storm brought on by the pandemic.