Industry: Software Development

Company Size: Medium

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

Solutions Used: Salesforce, Certinia ERP and Certinia Professional Services Automation

Squirro future-proofs its organisation with Certinia and Cloudteam Company.

Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations with the leading cloud accounting application native to the Salesforce Platform.

Disconnected processes across the business

Squirro is a multinational company founded in Zürich, Switzerland. As the expert in deriving valuable information from unstructured data, Squirro turns information into actionable insights and recommendations using machine learning models and patent detection. The organisation currently operates across five countries globally, including Germany, Singapore, the UK and the US, helping clients like the European Central Bank, the Bundesbank, the Bank of England and Henkel to get value from activating their untapped data and continuously grow their business.

The various countries Squirro operates in have different accounting policies/standards and currencies which led Squirro to initially outsource all accounting to experienced consultants in each geography resulting in a major disconnect. Each party would leverage their own reporting method Squirro then had to consolidate manually on a monthly basis.

Facing global challenges

This process made it extremely challenging and time-consuming to manage global teams in 5 countries and make data-driven decisions. Siloed systems also made it difficult for Squirro’s project managers to track project-related expenses and report on the success of each project. The organisation needed a way to unify all accounting and project data on its Salesforce platform.

With the help of Cloudteam Company, a firm based in Breda, Netherlands specialising in the implementation of Certinia and Salesforce, Squirro found its solution in Certinia Accounting and Professional Services Automation (PSA).

Gaining a foundation for improved operations

With all project- and financial-related information unified, the organisation’s financial controllers can access all centralised financial data and easily launch consolidation processes. In fact, they can consolidate data efficiently and much faster than before.fresh ideas focused on delivering measurable results aligned with Solidaridad’s needs.

Setting the foundation for one source of truth

With all project- and financial-related data unified, allowing Squirro to access all centralised financial information and easily launch consolidation processes. In fact, they can consolidate data efficiently and much faster than prior to delivering fresh ideas focused on delivering measurable results aligned with Squirro’s needs.

Leveraging data-based decisions globally

Squirro can manage and view critical information clearly and report on a global level in real time. It can also steer the organisation based on actual data and continuously improve management information and processes.


Squirro has realised tremendous efficiencies through the implementation of Certinia ERP + PSA and is better positioned to connect its business globally around a single end-to-end process leveraging Certinia’s overall system agility to continue on its growth path. With clear, real-time visibility into project workloads, status and priority, team members are more productive and ultimately driving higher revenue

“Since we were very happy with the ERP system implemented, we additionally invested in the PSA module. We have delivery teams in each country and can now track their hours worked into their projects.” – Fredrik Rydius CFO Squirro AG