Industry: Non-Profit Organisation

Company Size: Large

Headquarters: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Solutions Used: Salesforce, Certinia Accounting, Certinia Professional Services Automation and Cloudteam Company Payable Invoice Scan & Automation App

Solidaridad future-proofs its organisation with Certinia and Cloudteam Company.

Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations with the leading cloud accounting application native to the Salesforce Platform.

A fractured view across the organisation

Solidaridad is an international civil society organisation with over 50 years of experience developing solutions to make communities more resilient — from its early roots supporting repressed communities in Latin America to its current work fostering more sustainable supply chains. The organisation currently employs over 1,000 people in 44 different countries. They have offices on 4 continents, in countries as diverse as Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, the Netherlands, and the US.

A global disconnect

Solidaridad ran its accounting processes on 30 disparate accounting systems, making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to manage global teams in 30 offices and make data-driven decisions. Siloed systems also made it challenging for Solidaridad’s project managers to track project-related expenses and report on the success of each project. The organisation needed a way to unify all accounting and project data on its Salesforce platform.

With the help of Cloudteam Company, a firm based in Breda, Netherlands that specialises in the implementation of Certinia and Salesforce, it found its solution in Certinia Accounting and Professional Services Automation (PSA).

Gaining a foundation for improved operations

With all project- and financial-related information unified, the organisation’s financial controllers can access all centralised financial data and easily launch consolidation processes. In fact, they can consolidate data efficiently and much faster than before.fresh ideas focused on delivering measurable results aligned with Solidaridad’s needs.

Tracking costs in real time

The ability to manage projects within Certinia
on the Salesforce platform enables project managers to track actual project costs in real time.

Empowering data-based decisions

Solidaridad can manage and view critical information clearly and report on a global level in real time. It can also steer the organisation based on actual data and continuously improve management information and processes.


By leveraging a single cloud platform, Solidaridad is better positioned to connect its mission, funding, and administrative back office around a single end-to-end process and common data set. In turn, it is able to focus on what truly matters: producing more with less and ensuring that it’s done in a way that sustains people and the environment.

With all our data unified on Certinia and Salesforce, we are able to streamline our processes and steer the organisation based on real-time data. – Erna Wegman, Head of Finance, Solidaridad
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